Chevy is a 9 year old, female black and white domestic short hair. She was born on 24/5/2004 and weights approx 4.5kg. We named her Chevy, becasue I am an avid NASCAR fan and she purrs like a Chevy V8 engine.

We got her from the animal sanctuary when she was just six weeks old. She is one of a litter of five. There was only her and her brother left when we got her. We decided on another female cat as we thought a male would be too much of a problem. Mainly because Rossi can be very aggressive at times and she always chases any males off, that come anywhere near her teritory. Chevy's mother was also at the sanctuary, she was a loud black cat with a very bushy tail.

The first few weeks where a bit of a problem when we introduced Chevy to Rossi and Diesel. Rossi was not happy at all and went and sat on the windowledge out of Chevy's way. Chevy took and instant liking to Diesel and it seems as though she looks up to her as a role model. She still follows her around to this day, but this is not to Diesels liking. Whenever Diesel gets a chance she takes a quick swipe at her, but since we got Chevy she has started to go out more.

Chevy is now the heavist of the three cats, but Rossi is the biggest built apart from the belly area. We have had to put them all on low calorie adult cat food to try and kerb Chevy's weight.
We have three cats, they are the first pets that I have ever owned, Helen (my partner) has had cats before. Their names are Rossi, Diesel and Chevy.

I am very fond of them all especially Rossi ( shhh!! don't tell the others). All three are rescue cats, we got them from Millstream Animal Sanctuary in Clayton Bridge, Manchester.