Diesel is a 12 year old, female black domestic short hair. Well alright shes not completely black, she has four white patches. One under her collar, and the other three no word of a lie form a perfect little bikini. She was born on 4/7/2000 and weights approx 3.7kg. We named her Diesel, because she is black and purrs like a Diesel engine.

We got her from the animal sanctuary when she was 6 months old. She is one of a litter of three, the other two kittens where black and white like little fresian cows. Rossi is her mother and Diesel usually is the first to back down from any confrontation with her.

Diesel is the tallest of our cats and also has the smoothest fur, its like a velvet cushion. She is very fast and agile which makes her a great hunter (not so great for us though!). She regularly brings us presents back, her list of prey is as follows. Several small birds, 1 magpie, a few frogs (alive) and quite a few small rodents. She has also to our disbelief brought us 2 fish, both where alive. It was very embarrasing returning them to there owner in a bucket of water.
We have three cats, they are the first pets that I have ever owned, Helen (my partner) has had cats before. Their names are Rossi, Diesel and Chevy.

I am very fond of them all especially Rossi ( shhh!! don't tell the others). All three are rescue cats, we got them from Millstream Animal Sanctuary in Clayton Bridge, Manchester.