Rossi is a 14 year old, female grey and white domestic shorthair. She was born on 5/12/1998 and weights approx 4.3kg. We named her Rossi after Helen's favourite motorbike racer Valentino Rossi.

We got her from the animal sanctuary when she was 2 years old. Rossi and her three kittens where found dumped in a telephone box and taken to the sanctuary. We chose her because she was so beautiful, we also chose one of her kittens as well, Diesel (see below).

We think Rossi is part British Blue as she has many of the characteristics of that breed. Powerfully-bodied, broad head, ears set wide apart and a single short coat that is dense and firm to touch.

The majority of people that come to visit like Rossi the best and think she is beautiful. But like the Streets song 'shes beautiful and she knows it' though.
We have three cats, they are the first pets that I have ever owned, Helen (my partner) has had cats before. Their names are Rossi, Diesel and Chevy.

I am very fond of them all especially Rossi ( shhh!! don't tell the others). All three are rescue cats, we got them from Millstream Animal Sanctuary in Clayton Bridge, Manchester.