Cokin P Filter System

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Cokin P Filter Holder

The French photographer Jean Coquin, invented the concept of creative filter photography. Introduced in the market either in the late 70's or early 80's, it soon became most popular. Of course I immediately tried it. The plastic holders have four slots, one for rotating filters, three for rectangular. A common practice among pros then was to saw off the last slot to maximize vignetting prevention with wide angles.

There are four Cokin sizes: "A", "P", "X-Pro" and the new "Z-Pro" series, to fit different diameter ranges of lenses.

THE "P" MODEL covers diameters from 48 to 82mm and is generally preferred for everything, particularly wide angle lenses. Filters are rectangular, depending on brand are either 84x100mm to 84x120mm or 85x107mm to 85x110mm.

The "P" model is the one I own and recommend. It takes Cokin, Tiffen, Hitech & Singh Ray "P" filters. You may want to get a single slot holder for your super wide-angles to prevent vignetting and the regular 3-slot one for longer focal lengths.

I currently have the following filters in my kit.
  • P120 Gradual Grey G1
  • P121 Gradual Grey G2 (ND8)
  • P122 Gradual Blue B1
  • P124 Gradual Tobacco T1
  • P152 Neutral Density ND2
  • P153 Neutral Density ND4
  • P154 Neutral Density ND8
  • P164 Circular Polarizer
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